Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tea Party picks Schweikert over Quayle

Dear Patriot,
Not many people have Arizona labeled as a battleground state in 2012 but careful analysis shows that this conservative leaning state could actually produce a Democrat majority for the state's House delegation.  

To make sure that doesn't happen we need to get involved in 3 house races and fight for good Republicans.  

Schweik for CongressMeet Dave Schweikert
Redistricting has created a situation where two incumbent Republicans are running against each other.  This is a classic Tea Party -v- Establishment race against Ben Quayle the son of former Vice President Dan Quayle.  This is a heavily Republican district and the winner of the primary will cruise to a general election victory, let's make sure that someone who is willing to work with us wins this seat!  

As usual we want to bring our cutting edge brand of campaigning to support the grassroots candidate in this race and across Arizona as part of our broader Arizona strategy.  Our strategy will incorporate and earned media campaign on Talk Radio and Newspapers.  It will also use a blend of paid advertisements in both traditional and new media outlets.  

Our goal is to raise $10,000 this week for the Arizona strategy but these races could mean the difference between conservative control of the House. I know that if you will make a generous contribution we can blow this goal out of the water and help make sure that Arizona is properly represented in Washington, with CONSERVATIVES. 

Dustin Stockton
Western Representation PAC

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