Thursday, July 17, 2008

Support Conservative Republicans!!!‏

Please make a contribution to the Pachyderm Coalition right away by going to the web site:

You can donate with a credit card or get instructions for sending us a check.

Your contributions are vital for helping us to get conservative Republicans elected. Many conservatives are being out spent because some business organizations that want illegal alien labor as well as special interests intent on benefiting from continual increases in government spending and preferential regulations are making huge contributions to candidates who will support THEIR interests rather than OURS.

To protect our freedom and the rule of law, we need to commit ourselves to helping elect candidates who will represent our interests. That's what the Pachyderm Coalition does! Any contribution you can make will be helpful. For example, a $100 contribution will pay for about 100 direct mail pieces or 1000 auto-dialer calls. This, especially when combined with contributions from like minded people, can tip the balance in some primaries. If you are willing to donate more, we will appreciate it. If you can afford less, we will certainly appreciate that too. Four $25 contributions are better than no $100 contributions - any amount you can contribute is appreciated.

Our overhead is extremely low. You can count on your money going to support our candidates rather than being eaten up by consulting fees or other overhead.

Please make your contribution TODAY and forward this link to your friends to give them the opportunity to contribute.

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