Friday, July 18, 2008

Good article in Sonoran News on Stop Illegal Hiring ballot initiative

The Stop Illegal Hiring ballot initiative would water down the state's existing employer sanctions law, the Legal Arizona Workers Act. An article in the Sonoran News lists some of the big businesses that are funding this initiative. They include Southern Arizona Home Builders Association, Arizona McDonalds Operators Association, Pepsi-Cola of Tucson, Pasquinelli Produce and Western Growers. More from the article -
The key change the initiative’s backers are furtively seeking though, innocuously buried on page seven, is to undermine the Legal Arizona Workers Act by returning E-Verify to a voluntary program and permitting employers to resume the former “wink and nod” method of employment eligibility verification.

Proponents wish to return to the same verification system that has proven to be rife with fraud and identity theft for over 20 years.

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