Tuesday, July 29, 2008

CAP Voter Guides are out

CAP asked legislative candidates 10 questions. It's a 16-page booklet with their responses.

2) Do You Appreciate this Non-Partisan Voter's Guide?
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I am pleased to announce that CAP's non-partisan Voter's Guide is now available at www.VoteSmartAZ.org. Our nonpartisan 2008 Voter's Guide will help you find the candidates whose values most clearly mirror your own for the upcoming September 2nd Primary Election.

We often are asked if the guide is Democrat or Republican? It's neither! It is factual, impartial, and nonpartisan! Every candidate in the covered races was treated equally and had the same opportunity to respond to the questions on a wide range of issues.

In order to maximize the impact of each dollar we spend on behalf of Arizona's families, we have printed very limited quantities of the 16-page paper Voter's Guide. Instead of printing thousands of the 16-page guides, we have put the guide online and printed half-sheet fliers that can be used to direct Arizonans to www.VoteSmartAZ.org.

One of the great features of the online guide is that it allows you to narrow the list of candidates to specifically the ones that will appear on your ballot in the upcoming election. If you prefer, you can also view and print the entire 16-page guide from the site. The web site will be updated daily, adding late- arriving candidate answers, and includes some races that are not in the print version of the guide.

While we are excited about these changes, we recognize that not everyone has access to or is comfortable with the Internet. Single copies of the guide can be obtained at no charge. For churches wanting resources to distribute to their congregations, the 16-page guide, the half-sheet flier, and posters can be printed in both English and Spanish. If printing is not a realistic option, churches can order English resources at no charge (as long as our supplies last). We do not have printed resources in Spanish. Please complete the form to order your printed resources.

2) Do You Appreciate this Non-Partisan Voter's Guide?

Would you like to see The Center for Arizona Policy continue to provide you with this and other pro-family resources? If so, then please consider a generous tax-deductible gift. You can give online using our secure online form, by phone at (602) 424-2525, or mail your donation to The Center for Arizona Policy, 7227 N 16th Street, Suite 250, Phoenix, AZ 85020. Our work is made possible by the generosity of thousands of individual Arizona citizens just like you. Thank you!

3) What Are You Waiting For?

While we hope that the 2008 Voter's Guide is a helpful resource for you, it won't do you any good if you are not registered to vote! There's still time - the deadline to register to vote in the September primary is August 4th. Visit our Voter Information Center for resources to register yourself and others.

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Craig said...

WOW! The Central Arizona Project issues voter guides? Why would they care...wait, what's that you say?

"CAP" stands for "Center for Arizona Policy", not "Central Arizona Project"?

Ahhhhh...now I understand.

Never mind. :)