Sunday, July 6, 2008

Couple of good pieces on the AZ Civil Rights Initiative

Liberty's Apothecary has an interesting perspective on how racial preferences would apply to the presidential race. Ward Connerly is interviewed with the Arizona Republic here. The print edition refers to him in the headline as a "conservative Republican," (the Republic is fond of labeling anyone on the right as far right, even if they're not, while conveniently omitting any equivalent labels of those on the left) while half the article discusses his outspokenness in favor of gay marriage. Noticeably, the online edition removed the word "conservative" from the title.

Rep. Kyrsten Sinema wrote an opposing viewpoint. Her article is full of incorrect assertions, let's just dissect one:
If the Connerly initiative becomes law in Arizona, our state will return to a "good old boys" network, where people are not offered jobs, projects and educational positions based on their knowledge and expertise but instead because of who they know.
The state can't return to a "good old boys" network because minorities and women now hold almost as many leadership positions as "white males." In some areas, they outnumber them. Our judiciary is a key example. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is Ruth MacGregor, and the Presiding Judge of the Maricopa County Superior Court is Barbara Rodriguez-Mundell. If we remove racial and gender preferences, the "network" will be run by people such as MacGregor and Mundell - somehow I doubt they are going to favor white males.

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