Monday, July 28, 2008

It's too soon to entrust ADOT with $42.6 billion

Excellent article by Maricopa County GOP chair Tom Husband in the Republic on the TIME ballot initiative which would raise spending by 16% for public transportation, light rail, and other transportation costs. Some excerpts -

A gaggle of special interests calling itself the TIME Coalition is touting a $42.6 billion tax increase to fund an undefined transportation program. To hear them tell it, the future of the state is dependent upon this expenditure of our money. However, this is a very questionable proposition.

There doesn't seem to be any evidence that ADOT has ever prepared any of the legally required performance measures in the six years since the law passed.

Despite having a legal obligation to provide a sound foundation for transportation plans, ADOT hasn't answered any of these questions. Instead, its director is touting a so-called "Statewide Transportation Investment Strategy" that is nothing more than a "wish-list" concocted by political insiders. It is the flimsiest basis for a transportation proposition ever placed before Arizona's voters.

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