Monday, June 16, 2008

CAP: Wanted: 1,000 Churches, & legislative update

In this issue:

1) Wanted: 1,000 Churches
2) Legislative Update

1) Wanted: 1,000 Churches

Now that the election season is kicking into high gear as the candidates are being finalized, it's time to ask your church to hold a voter registration campaign. CAP is preparing to help 1,000 churches hold voter drives.

Voter registration is the first step to engaging in civic life in Arizona. Any Arizona citizen who will be eighteen by Election Day - November 4th - is eligible to register. The process for registering is easy and convenient, but sadly millions of Americans choose not to take the time. Estimates range from 35% to 50% of Americans that are not registered to vote.

Check out our updated online Voter Registration Center at Visit the Voter Registration Center to register to vote and find links to resources like:

Many already have grown weary of the political season, but now is not the time to grow weary! This year is shaping up to be one of the most critical ever for issues that affect our families. Find out how you can get involved and help others do the same by visiting

2) Legislative Update

Nearly all non-budget action at the state Capitol has ground to a halt as the legislators try to hammer out an agreement to solve the over $2-billion deficit. Here are the CAP-supported bills that are still pending:

  • The marriage amendment (SCR 1042) needs to be heard in Senate caucus and put up for a final vote on the Senate floor.
  • The revised partial-birth abortion ban (SB 1048) is awaiting final floor votes in both the House and the Senate.
  • Jesse's Law (HB 2823), related to patient care decisions, needs a final floor vote in the House.
  • The bill prohibiting nurses from performing surgical abortions (HB 2269) needs to be debated in Senate Committee of the Whole and then receive a final vote on the Senate floor.
  • The Students' Religious Liberties Act (HB 2713) was heard in Senate caucus this week and now needs to be debated in Committee of the Whole and receive a final vote on the Senate floor.

Please take a few minutes and pray for our elected officials. Pray for wisdom for each one and for a consensus to reach an agreement on the state budget. Pray also for favorable votes on the CAP- supported bills still pending. More information on each issue is available at

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