Friday, June 27, 2008

AZ Capitol Times: BAMN unable to back up claim that KKK supports AZCRI

The Arizona Capitol Times has an insightful piece on the vicious attacks by BAMN against the Arizona Civil Rights Initiative petition collectors. Here are some excerpts -

Another video taken outside Chase Field showed protestors circling around a signature-gatherer and telling passers-by not to sign the petition because it is backed by the KKK.
The Goldwater Institute charges that the Michigan group’s members have provided misleading information to voters stating that the initiative is supported by the Ku Klux Klan.
Donna Stern, treasurer of BAMN, was unable to produce evidence the Ku Klux Klan supports the initiative or that the white-supremacist group even exists in Arizona, but she believes strongly that it does on both counts, she said.
On one such video taken on Mill Avenue in Tempe, a man signing a petition was told repeatedly that he is supporting a racist initiative designed to “re-segregate” state universities. The interaction lasted for almost two minutes before the man blurted out “Stop harassing me.” “Enjoy your white privilege!” was the response, as the person who signed the petition crossed the street.

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