Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Two worthy ways to obtain tax credits this year - plus a federal tax deduction so it's a NET GAIN

1. Scottsdale Christian Academy & Xavier College Preparatory
Colette Rosati's children
(Former Rep. Colette Rosati was the only House member awarded the "Champion of the Taxpayer" her final year in the legislature in 2004, the first year the AZ Federation of Taxpayers created that award)

75,000 Arizonan’s participate in the tuition tax credit, but 2 million are eligible. Spread the word that you get every cent of your money back and you also receive a Federal Tax deduction.

You can receive a dollar for dollar tuition tax credit by giving to this organization that helps children attend private schools. Taxpayers who participate get a tax credit against their state income tax - up to $500 for single taxpayers and $1000 for married couples filing jointly. With the federal tax deduction, you actually come out ahead! Please help our children go to the school of their choice. Donate to the tuition organization enclosed. Please give now while you are thinking of it. Send a check or charge your credit card on or before Dec 31. You will get your money back when you file your tax returns.

· Tax payers do not need to have a child in school in order to claim this tax credit.

· You can claim both the $400 AZ Public schools tax credit and this $1000 AZ private scholarship tax credit in the same taxable year.

To take advantage of the tax credit for tax year 2007 remember to donate by December 31st. Use the form below or visit www.azscholarships.org. acct # 4410 when you make a donation. Please call us at 602-750-3233 with any questions.

2. Ville de Marie Academy

John Jakubczyk's children

(John Jakubczyk is immediate past President of AZ Right to Life and litigates for the pro-life cause)

As many of you know I was involved in the founding of Ville de Marie Academy. Six of my children currently attend the school. Four of them have graduated. The school has been a real blessing to our family. Ville de Marie has been open since 1991. We are a small independent Catholic school and we do not receive any financial support from a parish or the diocese of Phoenix. As a result we need to assist many families who wish their children to attend Ville de Marie.

I ask you to support the growing work of Ville de Marie Academy this year in a way that will literally cost you nothing. As you may know, any person in the state of Arizona who pays state income taxes may designate a portion of those taxes to a scholarship assistance program of a private school. Educare Scholarship Fund, an independent tuition credit organization, has financially assisted Ville de Marie Academy tremendously over the years. Once again this year we are seeking to find individuals and couples who will consider directing portion of their state tax liability by making a contribution to Educare Scholarship Fund.

This year, couples filing jointly may designate up to $1,000 and single tax payers up to $500. If it were not for this assistance many of our students would simply be unable to attend Ville de Marie Academy. I cannot think of a better way to contribute funds for a scholarship at no additional cost to the provider.

This year our goal is to raise over $150,000. Please complete the pledge form below and mail it to Educare. More forms are available upon request. Payments must be postmarked by December 31, 2007.

Your interest in Educare and Ville de Marie Academy is evidence that you recognize the value of a solid Christian formation in the lives of our youth. Please consider helping a child in need of tuition assistance. May Our Lord bless you and reward you for your generosity.

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