Monday, December 3, 2007

Sign petition to open up Clinton library archives

Just three years ago Hillary Clinton went on record with Larry King to say that all the records contained in the Library would be released to the public. Maybe she changed her mind when her bid for the White House became a reality.

Nearly three years after the opening of the Clinton Presidential Library and the ensuing Freedom of Information Act Requests, less than half of one percent of the library's documents are open for review. On the campaign trail, Clinton consistently speaks to her level of experience; yet, she will not allow details of that experience to be reviewed by the public. The American people deserve to know what information is being guarded in these libraries.

Tell Hillary Clinton that she can't hide her record from the American people. Our goal is to have thousands of people sign this petition before December 31, 2007, in hopes that it will inspire Hillary to agree to share the library documents as her New Year's resolution.

Sign the Library Lockdown petition today and get your very own Hillary Clinton Library Card.

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