Sunday, December 2, 2007

More on liberal governor Napolitano's past history of banning Christmas

Renaming "Christmas tree" to "holiday tree" is nothing new for our liberal governor Napolitano. A few years ago when she was Attorney General, she banned all words of "religious significance," Christmas trees, Santa Claus, Star of Davids, and nativity scenes from everywhere except within employees' cubicles or offices. The receptionists could no longer have Christmas trees in lobby areas or put decorations on their desks. As an attorney, Napolitano should have known better. Besides the fact this was political correctness gone too far, it violated the Constitution's protection of free speech in government workplaces.

Outraged employees protested, and near one receptionist's desk put up a picture of Bigfoot that said "Season's Greetings from Bigfoot." In place of the former regular Christmas tree, they moved a plant over that bore an uncanny resemblance to the Loch Ness monster with the sign, "Happy Holidays from the Loch Ness Monster." One employee drafted an appeal from Santa Claus. Local talk radio shows organized a group of Christmas carolers to go sing Christmas carols outside the AG's office for Napolitano. The ban even made the New York Times. The Catholic League got involved and contacted the governor at the time, Jane Hull, which probably got Napolitano to back down and eliminate the part of the ban against "items of religious significance."

This wasn't Napolitano's only attack on religion as AG. Under her administration, the use of religious words in email was prohibited. When employees pointed out that not only did a blanket prohibition on religion over email violate the Constitution, but you couldn't even email your family or friends to say "meet you at church tonight" she backed down. With this latest renaming of the Christmas tree at the Capitol and refusal to back down, it's clear her arrogant hostility toward America's most revered traditions and religion hasn't changed. Arizonans need to remember that when she runs for Senate.

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