Wednesday, February 4, 2015

North Dakota Bar Sued by Goldwater Institute for Lobbying Against Shared Parenting Using Members’ Mandatory Dues

I'm excited to have had a very small role (networking) in this. The North Dakota State Bar used members' mandatory dues to lobby against a Shared Parenting initiative, which narrowly lost. Leading Women For Shared Parenting got involved and discovered the misappropriation, then the Goldwater Institute - thank you Clint Bolick and attorneys - sued the Bar yesterday. Just one more reason why State Bars should not be mandatory, they are controlled by leftists who abuse the system and target conservatives. This article from The Bismarck Tribune is priceless, as one of the folks from LW4SP noticed:
So the director of the ND Bar get served for, amongst other things, improper lobbying.
In the news coverage of his being served, he says he hasn't studied it yet, because he was served as he was at the Capitol bldg....
wait for it.....
My favorite line was:
"McDonald said the bar's decision to finance the opposition to Measure 6 was driven by the recommendation of bar members who specialize in family law "that this was an issue that would fundamentally affect the practice of family law in North Dakota."
THIS is supposed to be a justification for the spending of mandatory bar dues on the regulation of attorneys?

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