Tuesday, February 17, 2015

AZ legislative committee to hear bill on Wednesday to eliminate the mandatory State Bar in Arizona

You've all heard about the horrendous abuses committed by the State Bar of Arizona. It's finally time to do something about it. Only half of the states have a mandatory State Bar - why is conservative Arizona one of them? We are a right to work state, why are attorneys required to be a member of this attorneys union in order to practice law? It is run by left-wing lawyers who abuse their power and the mandatory dues of attorneys to target conservative attorneys and push through radical agendas. Conservative attorneys are terrified to get involved in politics or speak up out of fear of retaliation.

The Goldwater Institute has asked a federal court to strike down mandatory bar associations; a case was filed earlier this month over abuses by a State Bar, which I wrote about here, along with details about all the money the Arizona Bar has taken from its members, almost the highest in the country. 

Fortunately, several Arizona legislators have had enough of these abuses and are finally going to do something about it with HB2629. Membership in the State Bar would become optional, and the disciplinary function would be transferred back to the state Supreme Court.

Please attend the House Judiciary hearing Wednesday and sign up to testify. The State Bar with its deep pockets from members will no doubt have the meeting stacked with its representatives. This is the first big hurdle we need to get through, get the bill out of the Judiciary committee.

If you cannot attend, you can watch the proceedings live and call or email the members of the committee, below. Contact info for them is here. For more information, contact Citizens for Clean Courts at c4ccaz@gmail.com.

Mr. Friese Mr. Kern Mr. Borrelli, Vice-Chairman Mr. Hale Mr. Mesnard Mr. Farnsworth E, Chairman


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