Friday, June 13, 2014

Tom Horne belatedly calls on Obama to stop dumping illegal immigrants in Arizona

On June 9th, Mark Brnovich and Bill Montgomery immediately demanded that Obama stop abandoning illegal immigrants in Arizona. Where was Attorney General Tom Horne? Too busy campaigning or fending off investigations? I thought Horne had become a staunch opponent of illegal immigration. One thing is clear, he's not a leader. He FINALLY came out against the practice yesterday, three days later, climbing on the bandwagon after real leaders like Brnovich and Montgomery had already made the first objections.

Mark Brnovich Joins County Attorney Bill Montgomery in Calling for End to Practice of Federal Abandonment of Children in Arizona
Today, Republican candidate for attorney general Mark Brnovich joined County Attorney Bill Montgomery in calling on the Obama Administration to immediately stop the abandonment of illegal immigrants, many of them children, in Arizona communities.
“This is another example of the federal government’s failure to adequately address the illegal immigration problem in our country,” said Mark Brnovich. “This situation is a matter not only of national security, but human decency. Who leaves a child or a vulnerable adult, regardless of where they came from, in a situation where they must fend for themselves? It’s dangerous and immoral,” said Brnovich.

Media reports have noted that hundreds of illegal immigrants, mostly women and unaccompanied children, were being transferred to Arizona and abandoned at Phoenix and Tucson area bus stations after being detained in Texas.
“The Arizona attorney general has a constitutional obligation to defend our state and to push back against the overreach of the federal government,” said Mark Brnovich. He added: “The attorney general should be protecting the most vulnerable in our society, and when children are being abandoned on our streets, or bus stations, I will do everything to stop it when I'm attorney general.”

“I commend county attorney Bill Montgomery for his leadership on this issue,” said Brnovich. “As attorney general, I will work with local law enforcement and county attorneys to investigate and prosecute any instance of childhood neglect or abuse - regardless of who the perpetrator is.”

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