Thursday, June 26, 2014

AZ GOP gubernatorial debate last night: "Andrew Thomas sounds like Ronald Reagan, the others just put me to sleep"

That was my mom's reaction after listening to much of last night's KFYI debate between the GOP candidates for governor of Arizona. Thomas got the most applause by far of any of the candidates, because he was able to point out his proven track record on conservative issues, how he continues to stand up for conservative issues out front - he was the first gubernatorial candidate to denounce Governor Brewer's Obamacare Medicaid expansion, and how he plans to fight hard for conservative principles; he's not going to compromise and be wishy-washy after getting elected. 

Scott Smith was booed when he brought up his views on illegal immigration, since he isn't a border hawk like Thomas. Smith also reiterated his support for Common Core, which wasn't popular with the audience either. Andy spoke the most forcefully of any candidate against Common Core, and had the guts to defend private and Christian schools, the only candidate to do so.

Perhaps the most offensive line of the evening came when Doug Ducey yelled, seriously, yelled and repeated himself, regarding "Deadbeat Dads." As one of the original first members of Leading Women For Shared Parenting, I cannot believe he said this. I've personally been involved in more than one situation where men were hounded for insanely high amounts of child support, while women were given a free pass, never had to pay a dime. It is BRUTALLY unfair to refer to "Deadbeat Dads," when in reality, it is now more often women who are getting more of a break! Tell that to our friend Leigh, who was put in JAIL because he was unable to afford any more child support (he already had 4 children of his own to support) for a child that WAS NOT HIS! I've got banner ads up all over my websites for Leigh it's so atrocious. 

Regarding Governor Brewer's Obamacare Medicaid expansion, Andy explained, "It's not the expansion of Medicaid, the problem is actually the expansion of Obamacare. I was the first Republican leader anywhere in Arizona to speak out against it. I rounded up tea parties even though I wasn't in office. I saw there was going to be a major expansion of government and the welfare state. You need a fighter in office who is going to stand up for conservative principles."

In contrast, Doug Ducey's response about Brewer's Obamacare Medicaid expansion (he was silent for months when it was taking place) was so incoherent I could not understand what he was saying. I think he was ducking it.  

Here is Andy's response to border security: "It is one thing to talk about putting the National Guard on the border, and it is another thing to actually do it. It requires taking on the entire political and media establishment, and doing it for years to make sure it's done. I'm the one guy who has made it done at great personal cost. We have to deal with these [activist left-wing] judges. I'm the only candidate who has stood up to the federal government."

Andy responded to one question about how he would govern, "We're the wealthiest country in the world, but we can't pay our bills. The state capital is leasing its buildings in order to pay bills. That's why we need a conservative governor who will keep their promises. We're broke because politicians promise things to get reelected without little concern about tomorrow. It's creating massive structural debt. We need a strong, solid conservative who will not pile up debt, who will not burden our children and grandchildren."

When asked about CPS, Andy said, "There is a fundamental problem with CPS; it needs to be reformed. It's a systemic and longstanding problem. Currently, a social worker bureaucracy is in charge of children. We need to move to a law enforcement model instead. It's been chronically inept. The core reason why the agency is overwhelmed is because of the breakdown of the family. Hollywood and liberal elites are responsible. The solution starts in the home and with preserving the family."

Andy concluded, "If we do not secure our border, then education, pensions, and healthcare are meaningless, because we will go broke. We'll be on the road to a Detroit-style bankruptcy. Do we accept the cultural disintegration of Arizona, or do we stand and fight? Do we go down that path or choose someone who will stand and fight? I lowered crime rates as county attorney and fought racial preferences. This wasn't part of the county attorney's job, but I did it because it was right. We were winning the fight against illegal immigration, cars were backed up all the way into Mexico. Stand up for yourselves and the United States of America. God bless you."

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