Thursday, June 5, 2014

AZPIA Calls On Attorney General Tom Horne To Resign, Encourages Legislative Action To Remove Horne

Mesa, Arizona–The Arizona Public Integrity Alliance (AZPIA) has released new commercials in an effort to educate the public about Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne’s misbehavior. The commercials call on Mr. Horne to resign. AZPIA believes if Mr. Horne does not resign immediately, the legislature should take action to remove him from office.
“Tom Horne’s behavior does not live up to the standards of integrity we expect from an Attorney General,” said AZPIA director, Steve Cox. “We hope our efforts bring attention to this problem, and that our legislative leaders respond by taking action to remove Horne from office and by passing measures that will prevent some of the abuses he exhibited.”

“The hardest part about making our 30-second commercial was deciding which of the long list of Horne’s scandals to discuss. It wasn’t easy,” said AZPIA president, Tyler Montague. “We settled on telling people about allegations that Horne hired his mistress for a $108k state salary, and that he was sneaking off with her when the FBI observed him commit a hit and run. I feel those incidents concisely symbolize Horne’s sense of entitlement and the lack of concern for the law displayed in more complex issues, like the accusations he took illegal campaign donations and that he uses state resources to further his political campaign.”

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