Friday, June 20, 2014

Andrew Thomas poised to get full Clean Elections funding; other conservative in race Al Melvin about to drop out

We like Al Melvin, because he's almost the only other conservative in the race for Arizona governor next to Andrew Thomas, but it appears that he's not going to get his funding to run and will drop out of the race. Constantin Querard, a conservative consultant who is working for Melvin, admitted to a newspaper today, "He's on pace right now to get his money by the middle of August, that's too late to win."

This bodes extremely well for Andrew Thomas, who is poised to take the conservative, grassroots and Tea Party wing of the GOP, as the rest of the moderate Republicans split up the moderate and liberal establishment GOP vote. 

Unlike virtually all of the rest of the GOP candidates, Thomas has spoken up and consistently opposed Common Core, Governor Brewer's Obamacare Medicaid expansion, and has a long history of opposing illegal immigration and writing conservative books. Most of the other candidates have waffled or even remained liberal on those issues. Do you trust them?

The choice isn't even fuzzy, it's clear. If you support conservative principles, and want someone you can trust who won't compromise or be bullied by John McCain - Andrew Thomas is your choice. If you want to go along with the establishment, and continue compromising with the McCain crowd, the people who hate the Tea Party, and elect someone who will turn around and betray you and vote against conservative principles, then Thomas isn't your candidate. I worked for him for five years, as well as on his campaigns as a volunteer, and he's someone you can trust - he never betrayed conservative principles even ONCE when I worked under him, and that all began way back in 2005. He's not going to raise my taxes, he's not going to fund Planned Parenthood, and he's not going to ram radical sex ed in the schools. He will keep Arizona conservative, and no offense to Governor Brewer, but he'll be a lot more principled than she has been. 

Visit for more information.Thomas only needs a handful left of $5 matching contributions for his full funding, contact to contribute.

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