Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mark Brnovich leading Tom Horne in latest poll for Attorney General primary

In addition to the official poll, farther below, check out this online poll at the AZ Capitol Times currently on their homepage, which has Brnovich trouncing Horne - and even WITHOUT the 9% voting for Horne, Brnovich beats the Democrat!

Mark Brnovich Leading in New Poll Among
Arizona GOP Primary Voters

We’ve got great news! A new poll released today by a reputable national polling firm shows that I am leading in the polls for attorney general against incumbent Attorney General Tom Horne.

The poll among likely GOP primary voters indicates 33% of the respondents are supporting me, Mark Brnovich, compared to 32% who are supporting Horne, while 35% are still undecided.

The poll also shows that Tom Horne’s favorability ratings have plummeted following his scandal-ridden past two weeks with 49% of GOP primary voters now having an “unfavorable” opinion of Tom Horne, compared to 24% who have a “favorable” opinion of him.

Folks, momentum is on our side and voters are rallying around the campaign across the state. We have focused almost entirely on a grassroots effort and your hard work is paying off. Early voting is right around the corner and I need your help to not only win this primary but to win the November general election against the liberal Democratic nominee.

We’ve got a very important fundraising deadline coming up at the end of this month and I’m asking you to please donate whatever you can to help continue this momentum. Can you help me get my message out to the 35% that are undecided and let them know that they have a credible alternative this August?

Please visit my website at to learn more about my campaign or find me on Facebook at  To view the poll, click here.



Contributions to Mark for AZ are limited to $4,000 per individual ($2,000 for each election - primary & general). Married couples with a joint bank account may contribute a maximum of $8,000, ($2,000 per person for each election - primary & general). Multicandidate PACs may contribute a maximum of $4,000 ($2,000 per each election - primary & general). Super PACs may contribute a maximum of $9,120 ($4,560 per each election - primary & general). Unless otherwise directed by a donor, Mark for AZ will allocate a contribution to the maximum amount permitted for the primary election, with any remaining funds allocated to the general election. Funds from corporations, limited liability companies and labor organizations are prohibited. Credit card contributions may be accepted only if the contribution is made from personal funds, and not with a corporate, limited liability company, or labor organization credit card or funds provided by another person. Contributions from foreign nationals may not be accepted unless they have permanent residency status in the United States. Contributions are not tax deductible.

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