Monday, May 12, 2014

Arizona’s Pseudo-Conservative Attorney General Embroiled In Campaign Scandals

Tom HorneThe scandals are beginning to snowball around Arizona’s Attorney General Tom Horne, who is running for reelection this year. The latest revelation comes from a high-level staffer within the office, Sarah Beattie, who resigned last month because she believed Horne was running his campaign out of the government office. Elections attorney Tom Ryan was so appalled that he is representing her pro bono, filing complaints against Horne. Ryan told the Arizona Republic last week, "Mr. Horne has effectively turned the executive office of the Attorney General's Office into his personal campaign headquarters, and we are largely paying for his staff to run his re-election campaign. He's been very clever about it. But when you see the affidavit from Sarah Beattie (the ex-employee), it will become abundantly clear that the taxpayers are funding his campaign. If I'm right, he not only should be prosecuted for that but he needs to be removed from office immediately." Beattie, whose desk was 20 feet from Horne's office at one point, told the Phoenix New Times, "Every day, all day was campaign [work]." She watched Horne make phone calls from his state office. She said, “The AG's executive office is the campaign headquarters [for Horne].” Beattie reveals specifics, such as a campaign flyer created during work hours and that Horne ordered a campaign related email deleted. Beattie is now afraid she is being targeted by the Horne administration for exposing this.

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