Saturday, May 10, 2014

IC Arizona recommends candidates to clean up the AZ Bar Board of Governors

If you're an attorney in Arizona and tired of abuses like this by the State Bar of Arizona, here are the candidates I recommend voting for to start cleaning things up. Notice if you go to the State Bar's website, you can find nothing on the home page about this annual election - one of the biggest annual events you'd think for the Arizona Bar. Surprised? It's done on purpose. The leftists that control the Bar would prefer to have as few attorneys as possible vote to control their leadership. If you can actually FIND the page to read about the candidates, the link to vote online doesn't work!

Maricopa County attorneys can choose 9 members. I recommend the following 8:

Nick Dranias - constitutional law attorney with the Goldwater Institute

Steven D. Keist

Michael Kielsky - libertarian lawyer with a great track record at fighting speed cameras

Alex Lane - Outstanding honest criminal defense attorney, former prosecutor

Jack Levine - wants to disband the mandatory Bar, and was disciplined by the Bar no doubt for having the guts to take this on (incumbent, fortunately!)

Ronald W. Meyer - wants to stop the State Bar's left wing activism

Bert E. Moll

Yavapai attorneys can choose one attorney. I recommend the following:

Andre E. Carmen

Read about these attorneys here

If you can locate the link to vote on the Bar's website, let me know, I spent 10 minutes trying to find it and cannot.

Here is the current Board of Governors, composed of mostly left wing activists

If I'm missing someone who should be included, please email me at

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