Thursday, March 20, 2014

Western Shooting Journal interviews Sheriff Paul Babeu about the status of illegal immigration and crime in Pinal County

Our March issue of Western Shooting Journal features an in-depth interview with Sheriff Paul on the sad state of illegal immigration, drugs and crime in Arizona today. Pinal County is the number one pass-through county in all of America for drug and human smuggling. Unlike the federal government, Babeu is proactively trying to fix the problem, not ignore it. He's received death threats from the drug cartels and busted one of them, the Sinaloa cartel, the largest drug bust in the history of Arizona. He revealed how the federal government released 2,228 illegal immigrants from prison facilities which included violent criminals, and did not tell law enforcement where they let them go, then lied multiple times about it! I asked him what the best approach should be for dealing with the broken border, arming school teachers, and working with new Pinal County Attorney Lando Voyles, who's been great for cleaning up that office. 

You can pick up this issue on news stands in gas stations, Kroger-affiliated stores and Walmart. Or contact us at to order it for $5 plus shipping. Or, just come back to IC Arizona in a few weeks and I will post it.

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