Thursday, March 27, 2014

Growing Number of Arizona Republican Leadership and Grassroots Support Mark Brnovich for Attorney General

You can support the conservative in the race, Mark Brnovich, who I've known on a personal level since 2000 when we used to have offices next to each other, or you can reelect Tom Horne, the former Democrat who is responsible for helping get Common Core implemented in Arizona and who the national GOP says cannot win in the general election against Democrat Felicia Rotellini.


“We are building a ground game and an army of dedicated supporters and volunteers who are going to ensure we win the Republican primary this August. I can’t thank everyone enough for their support.” - Mark Brnovich
Today, Republican candidate for Attorney General Mark Brnovich announced another list of support by Republican grassroots leaders and party leadership from across Arizona. The second round of supporters includes:
  • Teresa Wright - Legislative District 21 1st Vice Chair
  • Nathan Brown - ASU College Republican Treasurer
  • Shirley Dye - LD 6 Republican Activist
  • Vince Manfredi - City of Maricopa GOP Chair
  • Susan Cohen - Prescott Republican Activist
  • Pam Miller - Prescott Republican Activist
  • Bill Feldmeier - Yavapai County Republican Activist
  • Richard Mihalik - Congressional District 1 Member-at-Large
  • Sean McClusky - LD 10 Republican Precinct Committeeman
  • Lori Oien - LD 10 Republican Precinct Committeeman
  • Anita Christy - Gilbert and Payson Republican Activist
  • Aaron Borders - LD 29 Republican Activist
To date, more than 35 Republican activists, district leaders, county leaders, and state leaders have endorsed Mark Brnovich for Attorney General in the Republican primary. They join former U.S. Senator Jon Kyl, Congressman Trent Franks and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery in supporting Mark Brnovich over his opponent.
Mark Brnovich is a Republican candidate for Attorney General. He is challenging Tom Horne in the August Republican primary. Raised in Arizona, Mark Brnovich is a graduate of Arizona State University. Mark is an experienced federal and state prosecutor. To follow the campaign, please visit

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