Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Support Common Core? Then re-elect Tom Horne for AG

Embattled Attorney General Tom Horne, who was permanently banned from trading by the SEC, is in the fight of his life to retain his seat, but he has little chance of making it past the primary now that conservative Mark Brnovich is challenging him. It is no secret that Horne used to be a Democrat, and switched to Republican to run for the legislature, no doubt because he realized a Democrat could not win in that district. His record at the legislature was pretty dismal, one of the more liberal Republicans.

Since becoming Attorney General in 2010, he has been trying to run to the right on illegal immigration in order to appease the base, but he’s not fooling conservatives. As Superintendent of Public Instruction, he went to Washington, D.C., in 2009-2010 with Governor Brewer to apply for a No Child Left Behind Grant – which meant Arizona would be required to adopt the Common Core standards verbatim. Thanks to their efforts, Common Core was adopted in Arizona’s public schools in 2010, rather surprising considering how conservative Arizona is. Either Horne knew what he was signing onto, or he did not do the research and due diligence the voters of Arizona expected of him when they sent him to that office.

Mark Brnovich opposes Common Core and would do anything he could as Attorney General to remove the federal abuse of power. Brnovich is also equally as conservative as Horne on illegal immigration, possibly more so.

If you’re pleased with Common Core, then stick with Horne for Attorney General. But if you would like to see it rescinded, Brnovich is the conservative choice.

For more on Tom Horne’s scandals, including the investigation into him over campaign finance violations, the hit and run accident, office affair and AG’s office whistleblower, check out the wikipedia page.

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