Thursday, March 20, 2014

Compete in Arizona's first 2-Gun SWAT Rodeo!

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2-Gun SWAT Rodeo comes to Arizona

May 5-10, 2014—SWAT Personnel Competition May 8-9, 2014—Pro-Am Competition May 10, 2014—Public (CCW) Competition

Get ready for stucco-scaling, desert-stomping, and mud-running training for active-duty SWAT personnel in a competitive format, fully immersing shooting competitors into unpredictable, chaotic, and physically stressful situations.USTACRA & Day One Arms™ are bringing back the Two-Gun SWAT Rodeo and this time, the high-speed pistol and carbine action will explode at CowTown, a Special Operations range located in the blistering desert of Peoria, Arizona.Your mind, body, and gear will be tested and validated in 11 stages culminating in tense hostage situations built to challenge tactical combat shooters.

Lay of the land

CowTown Range offers raw desert terrain for realistic competition.

Watch the Intro Video

Perfect score round count: 777 11 Sponsored Stages. Major prizes include guns & gear.

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