Thursday, July 12, 2012

JP Candidate Bill Ponath Helping People with Foreclosures

Bill Ponath, the only conservative running for Justice of the Peace in the Desert Ridge precinct, helps people rescue their homes from foreclosure as a bankruptcy attorney. When someone files bankruptcy, an automatic stay goes into place. Bill has helped countless people on the verge of foreclosure file bankruptcy sometimes within minutes of their house going up for sale at a foreclosure auction. Last week, Bill helped someone who had filed Chapter 13 save their home within minutes of the sale. He found out about the foreclosure at 9:30 am, just half an hour before the home was to go up for sale. Bill was able to work within bankruptcy rules to stop the sale by 10:00 am, giving the homeowner a month's reprieve to try and work on getting a loan modification to save his home.
Bill said, “This is the best part of being an attorney, helping people save their homes and property. I like being on the side of the law that helps people. A lot of Arizonons have been hit really hard in this economy and don't deserve to lose their homes.”
Bill has 28 years of experience practicing law; primarily in bankruptcy and family practices. He has been a pro tem judge for eight of the ten years since 2001 for the Maricopa County Justice Courts. He is the author of the critically acclaimed book, “Verdict for America,” which contains solutions to our nation’s most pressing problems that are crucial in the presidential election. Bill was profiled in the Sonoran News in April: and again in June:
Bill is running on a platform of reform for the judicial administration to avoid unnecessary, drawn out delays during criminal trials; simplification of eviction actions to ensure that both landlords’ and renters’ rights are protected; and uniformity of pleadings and procedures to enable the average citizen to understand what his/her rights and responsibilities are to each other and to the court. To get involved in the campaign and see what is happening, check out Bill's website at

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