Thursday, July 5, 2012

Agenda 21 expose in Tucson - July 14

From: Bill Bennett  
Sent: Monday, July 02, 2012 8:47 PM
Subject: U.N. AGENDA 21 - Presentation and Training Session Begin Jul 14, 12 @ 2:30 PM for Tucson

Friends Against Agenda 21,

This is our first meeting and training session to learn about U.N. Agenda 21 (Sustainable Development/Smart Growth) and will focus on I.C.L.E.I ( formally International Counsel for Local Environmental Initiatives) new term: Local Government for Sustainability. ICLEI's attachment in Tucson/Pima County, and how do we want them to withdraw from ICLEI? What will be the next step?

I will provide on CD Training material; I will also have supporting document on that same CD the only cost to you is the CD itself $1.00 each.  I have already occurred the cost of training material.  This meeting is for serious minded people who really want to stop this movement.  I do urge you to consider joining, we will have fun as well as we grow on knowledge with our success.  We need people who know people in the City Hall and be able to work the system. Invite others that can help us on this journey, we will need as many as we can get.  The agenda for the meeting attached.  Thank you Patriots.  In Liberty Bill

RSVP is required:  return email would be appreciated.  (for count of materials)

Meeting Place: Himmel Park Library; Address:  1035 N Treat Ave. Tucson 

Date: Jul 14, 2012;  Time: 2:30 PM 

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