Monday, November 10, 2008

Russell Pearce's Legislative Workshop: Sherriff Arpaio & Andrew Thomas to speak

I am excited to share with you that Sherriff Joe Arpaio and County Attorney Andrew Thomas will be speaking at the Legislative Workshop. There are still a few tickets left for this event and now that Sherriff Joe and Andrew Thomas have stated that they will be attending you really don’t won’t to miss this event.

My good friends, there is a battle raging in this nation of good and of evil and it will only be won with the citizens of this great Republic getting more involved. You, the good citizens of this state, in order to be effective you first must stay informed, in order to effect good legislation you must be involved. We hope by putting on this seminar you will be able to have a stronger presence at the legislature, know what is going on and have an impact on the process. We have a great line up of folks to help you understand what you can do and help with the process and it should be fun.

Go to right now and get your tickets for this great event.


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