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AFP Arizona statements on 2008 AZ election results

AFP Arizona Statements on 2008 Arizona Election Results

Dear Arizona Taxpayer:

The Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity took positions on six of the eight ballot propositions on the 2008 Arizona ballot. We are pleased to have won in four out of the six proposition fights (Props 100, 200, 201, and 300), and we are hoping that Prop 101, the Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act, will prove victorious when all of the votes are counted.

AFP Arizona’s statements on the ballot proposition outcomes are pasted below, and available here:

While AFP Arizona does not endorse or oppose candidates for public office, we are pleased to report that in January 2009, both the Arizona House and Arizona Senate will have majorities of legislators who either scored well on AFP Arizona’s 2008 Legislative Scorecard, or who have pledged as candidates not to raise taxes. That will be very important, because Arizona has one of the biggest budget deficits in the country, and many politicians will be sorely tempted to raise taxes, including property taxes, to try to close the gap.

For Liberty,


Proposition 100

Protect Our Homes

(AFP Arizona favored Prop 100; Prop 100 passed)

The passage of Prop 100 is a victory for Arizona taxpayers. It sends a strong signal to politicians that the people of Arizona do not want state and local governments coming after their houses in search of new revenue sources to boost their bloated budgets.

Proposition 101

The Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act

(AFP Arizona favors Prop 101; Outcome is too close to call, as of 11-05-08)

The passage of Prop 101 would be a victory for taxpayers, patients, and those in need of affordable health insurance. Under Prop 101, the Arizona government could not take away our right to choose our doctors and choose our private health insurance plans. The passage of Prop 101 would also send a message to Congress and to the new President: We do not want Big Government to destroy our freedom and to destroy the quality of medical care in America.

Proposition 105

Majority Rule—Let the People Decide

(AFP Arizona favored Prop 105; Prop 105 was defeated)

The voters have missed a great opportunity to improve the long-term fiscal health of the Arizona government. Prop 105 would have made it much tougher for special interests and slick campaigns to put the state budget on autopilot and force the Legislature to spend more and more each year. Prop 105 would also have made it harder for special interests to use ballot initiatives to raise our taxes.

Proposition 200

Payday Loan Reform Act

(AFP Arizona opposed Prop 200; Prop 200 was defeated)

Our concern was that Prop 200 would have locked in permanent regulations that would have consolidated the industry and restricted entry into the market by newcomers. It is now up to the Legislature to act responsibly and not abolish or over-regulate an industry serves the demands of a large number of Arizona citizens who do not have the resources to avail themselves of traditional bank loans, and who would otherwise have to obtain loans on the black market.

Proposition 201

“Homeowners’ Bill of Rights” aka Trial Lawyer Enrichment Act

(AFP Arizona strongly opposed Prop 201; Prop 201 was defeated)

The defeat of Prop 201 is good news for home buyers, good news for home sellers, and good news for everyone in the construction industry in Arizona. The only people who should be sad about the defeat of Prop 201 are trial lawyers. By voting against Prop 201, the people of Arizona have avoided a flash flood of costly lawsuits against home sellers. Prop 201 was far and away the worst initiative on the 2008 ballot, and we are happy that Arizona voters rejected it.

Proposition 300

Legislative Salary Increase

(AFP Arizona opposed Prop 300; Prop 300 was defeated)

The failure of Prop 300 is a good thing. We do not wish to encourage individuals to become career politicians, and we do not wish to encourage legislators to stay in session any longer than they already do. The longer the session goes on, it seems, the worse the legislation.

Tom Jenney

Arizona Director

Americans for Prosperity

(Arizona Federation of Taxpayers)

(602) 478-0146

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