Wednesday, November 5, 2008

ADF on gay marriage ballot initiatives

If you're looking for evidence that God in His mercy continues to bless, equip, and empower the Alliance Defense Fund to accomplish its mission amidst — or in spite of — the current legal and political climate... you need look no farther than last night's election results.

All three Marriage Amendment proposals on the ballot were passed — in Arizona, in Florida, and even in California, where the state Supreme Court had fabricated same-sex marriage and advocates of the homosexual legal agenda outspent our allies more than 2-1. Meanwhile, in Arkansas, voters passed a measure barring adoption for same-sex couples. Thanks be to God.

Clearly, the people have spoken. Last night's results bring to 30 the number of states nationwide that have affirmed marriage with a constitutional amendment — in fact, in every state where marriage has been put to a vote, the people have shown their resounding support for this fundamental institution.

In fact, in all three states last night, support for the marriage propositions outstripped support for the more conservative candidate for president — in California, by more than a million votes. ADF will continue to engage in the legal battle for the issues we've been called to defend and protect, regardless of who is in office.

That said, ADF, and indeed all those called to defend religious liberty, face an uphill road in the years ahead. Beginning in January, the Presidency and the Congress will be dominated by those who have openly campaigned on their intention, if elected, to "transform America" — in part by launching concentrated attacks on free speech, religious liberty, and the sanctity of life, family, and marriage.

But ADF is ready. We move into an uncertain future certain of our calling, of God's guidance and protection, and of our expanding capacity — thanks to you — to respond to every opportunity He gives us.

Look again at the final results on the presidential and congressional candidates. Then look at the polling numbers on the marriage propositions. And believe me when I tell you that — whatever the political and legal environment we're in — by God's grace ADF can and will win the battle to keep the legal door open for the spread of the Gospel.

And we'll continue to successfully defend your right — and the right of your children and grandchildren — to hear and speak the Truth.

Pray for our country. Pray for all of our newly-elected leaders, that they will seek out and submit themselves to God's wisdom and direction. And pray for the lawyers and staff of the Alliance Defense Fund, that we will be faithful to the good work our Lord has called us to do, remembering that apart from Him we can do nothing (John 15:5)...

...and with Him, all the things He calls us to do are possible (Matthew 19:26).

Yours for religious freedom,

Alan E. Sears
President, CEO, and General Counsel

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