Sunday, November 2, 2008

Daniel Veres: The better alternative to Leah Landrum for Senate in District 16

If you live in District 16 (south & central Phoenix), and think Leah Landrum (D) is too radical and fiscally irresponsible, consider voting for Daniel Veres (R) instead on Tuesday. Landrum received an F+ from the Goldwater Institute last year for her dismal record on fiscal responsibility. She received a 45 ranking from Americans for Prosperity last year, even worse than Janet Napolitano's score. AFP labels her a "Friend of Big Government."

Take a look at what Daniel has to say:
In 2006, I decided to run for the State Senate because I believe we Arizonans deserve world-class public schools, affordable health care for families, and a legislature that makes good use of our tax dollars. Less than two years later, we have a record number of failing schools, longer emergency room waits, and billion-dollar deficits for the foreseeable future.
Check out his interview with the Arizona Republic here. Here are a few of his answers to questions:

Q. Has state government been spending too much money, the right amount, or not enough? Specifically, how would you change the state's approach to spending?

A. With a $2 billion deficit, the Legislature needs to act as a better steward of the people's money

Q. Name one state agency or program you believe gets too much money. Why?

A. Department of tourism because Arizona sells itself

Q. Do you support the use of school vouchers? Why or why not?

A. Yes, school choice strengthens competition in public schools

Endorsed by Alice Lara, candidate for Maricopa County Special Healthcare District 5

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