Saturday, May 3, 2008

Tony "Snowbird" Snow speaks to Center for Arizona Policy

Former Bush press spokesperson and Fox News commentator Tony Snow spoke to the Center for Arizona Policy at a dinner with several hundred guests Thursday night. He revealed that Bush privately calls him "Snowbird." His best line of the evening was, "Barack Obama is for hope and change? As if anyone isn't."

Snow said he's doing well, and if the prostate cancer doesn't return in three years, then it will never return. It was so sickening to read the comments on the Daily Kos wishing that Snow would die a painful death. No matter what your viewpoint - and Snow is no raging James Carville of the right - to wish that upon anyone based solely on the fact they're a Republican or Democrat is despicable. From a regular commenter on the Daily Kos who is not restricted from posting comments like this, even though the website is run privately and could be regulated -

I hope it's slow and painful, and I hope he dies fully conscious choking in his own blood and vomit. I also hope that his painful death gives him a better understanding of what an evil person he was to serve as propagandist-in-chief for a regime that has caused tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths--of US servicemen, of Iraqi civilians, of US citizens without healthcare, etc. And, when he dies, if there's an afterlife, I hope he burns in hell. F*** him, and f*** all his fellow-criminals in the White House and he Republican party. May they all get liver cancer.

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