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Dear Friend of Life,

As Mother's Day approaches this Sunday we should pause to reflect on the sacrifices ours and every mother makes in choosing life. For example, Life Education Director Melanie Pritchard gave a talk this month for the Moms of Maggie's Place, a home for homeless and low-income pregnant women. These moms are living proof that a mother's love can overcome societies pressure to "take care of the problem" through abortion. Through our efforts we hope to affirm this sacrifice and give mothers of all ages the care and support they need as we renew and transform this culture into a true culture of life.

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AZRTL vs. Planned Parenthood
Women's Expo/Cinco de Mayo Outreach
Hispanic Pro-life Conference
Upcoming AZRTL Projects
Upcoming Events!

AZRTL vs. Planned Parenthood
On April 30th Programs Manager Trent Horn, along with pro-life speaker Edel Horvath and Trish Shroyer of Silent no More, addressed more than 70 sociology and law students on the issue of abortion. On the previous day, Planned Parenthood addressed the students from the pro-choice perspective about abortion. According to the majority of students in numerous classes, Planned Parenthood's presentation was perceived as "boring," and the presenter was considered "pushy." The students, including pro-choice students, were annoyed by the fact that the Planned Parenthood representative refused to answer questions until the very end of the presentation and even then was evasive and standoffish. The students' feedback for Arizona Right to Life's presentation was the exact opposite. Students described the pro-life presentation as "fair and factual" and that it was very engaging and compelling. Unlike the Planned Parenthood presentation, Horn spent ample time answering students' questions throughout the presentation in a fair and articulate way. In fact, during the previous day one female student described herself as "pro-choice" after the Planned Parenthood presentation. However, after listening to the AZRTL presentation the student was in tears as she explained how she did not believe abortion was right and that she wanted to now be pro-life. If you would like a pro-life speaker to come to your child's school please contact Melanie Pritchard at

Women's Expo/Cinco de Mayo Outreach
Arizona Right to Life hosted its pro-life booth at two recent Valley events. First, we presented the pro-life message to thousands of women at the Arizona Women's Expo. In addition, during the first weekend of May our booth made an appearance at the annual downtown Cinco de Mayo festival (pictured left). Over 100,000 people attended both events and we had the chance to share with thousands of attendees about life before birth, resources for women facing unexpected pregnancies, as well as provide people with an opportunity to sign up to volunteer for upcoming pro-life events. If you would like to volunteer for an AZRTL public outreach, please contact Sherry at azrtl@azrtl.orgNote: We have one great volunteer who helps us transport and break down our booth. However, we would be even more effective if any other men with trucks would be willing to volunteer their to time to help us set-up or take down our booth. If you would like to help please contact Sherry at

Hispanic Pro-life Conference
Hispanic women whose primary language is Spanish are twice as likely to have an abortion than other women, which underscores the need for the pro-life movement to reach out to this vulnerable community. This past weekend the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix hosted its first annual Congresso Pro-vida, the first Spanish language pro-life conference to be hosted in the Valley. Arizona Right to Life Programs Manager Trent Horn addressed the audience of nearly 100 people and then presented Arizona Right to Life's new outreach video "Los Catolicos y El Aborto" (Catholics and Abortion). The video features interviews with Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted, Life Choices, Maggie's Place, Voces por La Vida, and others.

To view "Los Catolicos y El Aborto" Click Here

Caution: Video contains realistic medical animations of abortion procedures

The attendees were very excited that Arizona Right to Life was providing them with this resource because Spanish language pro-life materials are very rare. Some attendees even planned on showing the video at Spanish language masses. To request a DVD of this video please contact Trent Horn at
Upcoming AZRTL Projects

Arizona Right to Life is in the final stages of its new projects. Our new leadership-training seminar is designed to teach pro-lifers how to articulately and compassionately defend the pro-life position. It will also provide pro-lifers with a "Leadership Kit" that will give them practical tools to host pro-life events of their own. Along with this kit, seminar attendees will be able to view Arizona Right to Life's new documentary Abortion: Inside the Choice, a 45 minute video styled after popular news magazine shows that answers the tough questions related to abortion and the pro-life position.

To view an exclusive clip of the documentary, click hereThe new curriculum and documentary will be available at the end of May. If you would like to host our pro-life leadership seminar at your church or group, contact Trent Horn at

If you would like to partner with us to develop new projects and continue effective ones (pro-life videos and mobile exhibits, public outreach, legislation and politician tracking, and new chapters and liaisons) then please send a donation to:

Arizona Right to Life
3700 N 24th St, Suite 100
Phoenix, AZ 85016

Upcoming Local Pro-life Events

Pro-life Fun RunLiving Hope Women's Center in Show Low will be hosting a two mile fun-run to raise support for their pregnancy assistance outreach on Saturday, June 28th. If you would like to register for this event please contact Living Hope Women's Center at 928-537-9032.Save the Date: Eric Genuis ConcertOn Friday, July 25th Arizona Right to Life will be hosting musical wonder Eric Genuis. Genuis' "contemporary classical music" has proven to be a moving experience for audiences of all ages.
To listen to a sample of Eric's music from his website, click here.
For more information contact Arizona Right to Life at

Mesa Right to Life Fundraiser Event
On Saturday, August 9th the Arizona Right to Life Mesa Chapter, in concert with Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre, will be hosting a dinner and production of "Honkytonk Angels." For more information please contact Joe or Jinny Perron at or 480-807-2834.

Save the Date: AZRTL State Conference
On September 5th-6th Arizona Right to Life will be hosting it's 30th annual State Conference, "Building a Legacy of Life . . . Empowering America's Leaders" at the Scotttsdale Chapparal Suites Resort. Featured Speakers include Stephanie Gray - Executive Director of the Canadian Center for Bio-ethical Reform, Dr. William Toffler - National Director of Physicians for Compassionate Care, and David Bereit, the National Campaign Director of 40 Days for Life. Online Registration will be available soon, but don't forget to mark your calendars for this important event!

If you would like your pro-life events posted in our monthly newsletter, email us at

Thank you for taking the time to read Arizona Right to Life's monthly e-newsletter. If you would like to learn more about our mission or events please email us at or call our office at 602-285-0063.

Once again, thank you for your time and your commitment to being a "Friend of Life."
Newsletter Editor: Trent Horn

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