Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Thoughts on yesterday's GOP primary

As expected, there was good and bad news. Sadly, John McCain easily beat Kelli Ward in the US Senate race. He had millions to spend, massive name recognition, and spread lies about her all over the Internet, you couldn't visit a political website without seeing his smears ("Chemtrail Kelly" - never mind that McCain himself once referred a constituent to the EPA who had chemtrail concerns, taking chemtrails even more seriously than Ward). The final insult to injury came when he strong armed Arizona Right to Life PAC into endorsing him, even though the organization told me couple of months ago that they were no longer gong to endorse candidates, considering the outcry in 2010 when I resigned from the board and the PAC due to the PAC endorsing McCain over JD Hayworth. Hayworth had a 100% pro-life rating in Congress; McCain only had a 75% rating due to his support for taxpayer funded embryonic stem cell research - he is NOT pro-life unlike Ward.

McCain faces Ann Kirkpatrick in the general, who is polling neck and neck with him. If he loses, Republicans aren't going to forgive him or the GOP establishment, since the polls showed him likely to lose months ago (generally an incumbent polling that poorly early on ends up losing the general).

In better news, Don Stapley, who I believe is a crook who belongs behind bars, soundly lost the CD5 race for Congress. It is not certain yet who won, both Christine Jones and Andy Biggs are too close to call (Jones is up 876 votes currently). Fortunately, both would make excellent members of Congress. Biggs was a powerhouse conservative in the Arizona legislature, and Christine is a savvy businesswoman and lawyer who made her own millions while at Go Daddy (where she was my boss; I, alas, was not that savvy). Besides having a significant amount of money to put into the race, Christine, an evangelical, was the sole woman and non-LDS candidate in the race, which likely also helped, splitting up much of the LDS vote among the other three candidates.

Glad to see Dave Giles beat John Agra in my CD9 district. Agra wasn't very visible and he had nothing on his website about social issues. While it might be wise not to emphasize them during the general in this mixed district, it wasn't a good strategy during the primary. Have heard the NRCC is going to pour money into this race so Giles may actually have a chance against Kirsten Sinema in the general. Giles ran a tireless race during the primary, personally calling people (I must have gotten three phone calls at least).

David Schweikert had a challenger. Who knew? Paul Gosar easily won reelection in CD4. As an incumbent with a pretty good conservative record, it was nearly impossible for unknown Ray Strauss to defeat him.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, as predicted, beat his nearest challenger Dan Saban two to one. Too bad the left-leaning media detests him so much they couldn't even report accurately on how much he was ahead in the polls.

Helen Purcell, the county recorder, is neck and neck with her challenger.  There was a perception that she was responsible for long voter lines during the presidential primary, but I have debunked that thoroughly as the former Maricopa County Elections attorney. As a result of the ridiculous outcry, there were poll workers sitting around yesterday with nothing to do as few voters showed up, a complete waste of taxpayer dollars. Hopefully Helen pulls it off, she has ran one of the most innovative recorder/election departments in the country. (update: Helen did end up winning, but due to the bad press will face an unfair challenge in the general)

Was pleased to see Bob Burns easily won the Corporation Commission primary, coming in first. While all of the Republican candidates running seem decent, he is the one speaking out most strongly against the powerful utility companies that keep raising rates and doing everything they can to keep much cheaper solar out, even if it is properly regulated.

In my LD18, newcomer Frank Schmuck handily beat incumbent Jeff Dial in the Senate. Dial had voted for the Medicaid expansion and voted against our Bar reform and public notice reform bills, so it was time for him to go.

Was disappointed to see Anthony Sizer lost in the LD14 state rep race in north Tucson, but it's fairly uncommon as a newcomer to win your first race with no name recognition. Hope he runs again next term.  Also disappointed to see Matt Morales lose in the LD28 state rep race, but he was also a newcomer so hopefully next time around. Another newcomer, my old friend Ross Groen, also lost in LD25, but he's a fighter and will be back.

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Well, I guess America is stuck with McStain...until GOD decides otherwise.