Thursday, August 4, 2016

Noel Campbell, Chip Davis Lead LD 1 House Race

This week, a poll was commissioned in the LD 1 race, showing incumbent Noel Campbell and newcomer Chip Davis in the lead for the two house seats. The poll shows Davis' lead within the margin of error - and over 40% undecided - showing that there is still a long stretch and a bit of uncertainty to the finish line. 

With early voting starting today - and election day just 27 days away - this race is far from over. However, as always, candidates would much rather be leading in polls (like Campbell and Davis) than trailing (like Stringer).

Date of poll: 8/2/2016
Likely GOP Primary Sample
MOE: +/-4.76%
Total Respondents: 420

How likely are you to vote in the upcoming Republican primary elections in Arizona?
a.         Very Likely                      97%
b.         Likely                                3%

Have you heard of Noel Campbell?
a.         Yes                                  66%
b.         No                                   28%
c.          Not sure                            6%

Have you heard of Chip Davis?
a.         Yes                                   72%
b.          No                                    20%
c.         Not sure                              9%

Have you heard of David Stringer?
a.          Yes                                    60%
b.          No                                     30%
c.          Not sure                            11%

If the election were held today for the Republican primary for State Legislature in your district, which of the following potential candidates, listed in random order, would you be most likely to vote for?
a.       Noel Campbell                   22%
b.      Chip Davis                          21%
c.        David Stringer                   17%
d.        Undecided                         41%

What is your overall opinion of Chip Davis?
a.         Favorable                           47%
b.         Unfavorable                        13%
c.          No opinion                          40%

What is your overall opinion of David Stringer?
a.         Favorable                            41%
b.         Unfavorable                        13%
c.         No opinion                           46%

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