Monday, August 8, 2016

Justin Olson: Spoiler

One of the most important endorsements in any election in the east valley comes from Randy Hatch - a grassroots, tea party lion known for backing and fighting for true conservatives. Hatch recently released his endorsements and recommendations for races across the east valley. Andy Biggs garnered his endorsement for Arizona's Fifth Congressional District.

The most striking aspect, though, about Hatch's email was that he also recommended Justin a write-in name for the State Senate in District 25 - a loud and clear message to Olson. Read those two portions of the email for yourself:
From: Americanpride Last <>
Subject: My Voting Recommendations
Date: August 7, 2016 at 1:37:59 PM MST
To: Americanpride Last <>

Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots,
As you know early ballots just arrived in the mail.  Every election cycle I have decided at the request of many to forward my recommendations for who to elect this cycle.
Below you will find those recommendations for the East Valley U.S. district 5 and Mesa District 25.  A few recommendations for Gilbert positions are at the bottom of this email.
2.  US Representative District 5:  Andy Biggs
While there are a lot of good people running for this position when Matt Salmon elected not to run again, the person that I believe is the most conservative and aligns the best with my views is Andy Biggs.  I have spoken to Andy about the important issues and he is on the very same page as I.  Please vote for Andy Biggs.
3. State Senator District 25:  Justin Olson  This is a write in name.
I cannot in good conscious vote for Bob Worsley.  He should be a Democrat and has one of the most liberal voting records for a Republican in the State of Arizona.
Every poll coming out of the district shows that Justin Olson is playing spoiler to Andy Biggs in the race. Both Biggs and Olson are top-notch conservatives and are competing for the same pool of voters. To this point, Olson has refused to see his role in helping another candidate to topple Biggs and has stayed in the hotly-contested election.

Yes, this is Justin Olson's right to stay in the race. However, Olson should have - and still should - looked at the realistic outlook of this race and determined that he has no shot to win and that Andy Biggs had the greater shot at winning (and thus, carrying the mantle for conservatives in Congress). Olson still has a chance to redeem himself in this race and not be known forever as the man who cost conservatives a chance to hold onto Matt Salmon's seat.

Tell Justin Olson to suspend his campaign and to help Andy Biggs win this very important election!

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Anita Christy said...

Justin is a spoiler twice. Itasca Small is an official write-in candidate against Bob Worsley for Senate in LD25. It's an uphill battle for her, and Justin Olson is only making it worse.