Sunday, March 22, 2015

Steve Pierce's brother Tyler remembers him (sons of Senator Steve Pierce)

                         UPDATE #1
Posted by his brother, Tyler Pierce, 3/21/15 at 2:40 pm:

A cool breeze blew across the hills of Williamson Valley. It carried with it a peaceful, gentle soul. Over the Santa Maria mountains the soul traveled, joyous and eternally free. And then it was gone. My brother Steve has found his way. And now we must find ours. If you knew Steve, gather today in remembrance. Tell stories of a beautiful man who touched us with his kindness, humor and love. Tell stories of a little boy who never stopped playing, reminding us that growing up is not as important as having fun. Please do not call on the family at this time. We know you are with us and with Steve. Please pass this on to friends of Steve.

It's with a heavy heart, that we have to say goodbye to a wonderful man. Please pray for his family. If you can, let's help with these expenses for the family. Thank you.

Steve Pierce, owner of Onverse, was in a horrific automobile accident on March 18, 2015 and is recovering at John C. Lincoln hospital.  He  suffered a head injury, ruptured spleen and broken pelvis.  Please join us in raising money to help cover medical expenses as well as support for his new wife, Amilyn Davidson Pierce and unborn Son.  Your support and prayers are greatly appreciated. 

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