Thursday, March 5, 2015

Exposing the myth that eliminating a mandatory State Bar will cost more money

Analysis from an attorney: See the 2013 charts below with independently-obtained data from other jurisdictions indicating the assessed costs (AZ earmarked for discipline expenses aren't noted). The amounts are far below what Arizona lawyers now pay for regulation/discipline PLUS a bloated bar bureaucracy with well paid management. I don't know where the State Bar CEO got his numbers claiming there would be 60 to 65 additional state personnel. 

In 2013, the Bar claimed the cost of lawyer regulation was $4.67 million.  Dues brought in $9.3 million that same year. Half the dues went to non-regulatory matters.  Even in the half that went to regulatory matters, it is likely that there are parts of the $220,000 paid to CEO John Phelps in 2013. Here is his inflated compensation: 
JOHN F. PHELPS   CEO/EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR   $180,412.reportable compensation from the organization plus  $39,518 other compensation from the organization and related organizations. 

Click here for a comparison of how outrageously high Arizona State Bar costs are relative to other states.

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