Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sinking Ship: More accusations of plagiarism at The Arizona Republic

Greg Patterson over at Espressopundit has done a good job chronicling the demise of The Arizona Republic over the last few years. It is a dinosaur, in an age when most print newspapers are either dying out or metamorphosing. Stubbornly, the Republic sticks to its far left bias, not even attempting any middle, moderate ground in a red state. At the same time, no coincidence, its print version continues to shrink as do its subscribers. Most locals I know get their news from the Internet instead now, or if they subscribe to a print newspaper anymore, get The Arizona Capitol Times, which makes some attempt to be fair. 

Recently, cries of plagiarism have been cropping up at the Republic, signs they must be so desperate they are hiring inexperienced reporters (ahem - interns) who are plagiarizing to come up with content. The pay for reporters has become so low now that it is difficult to continue a print publication on the old model. Yet the Republic won't change. Respected Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio is the latest victim of this plagiarism, and he's sick and tired of it. 

He writes,

Arizona Republic bias and plagiarism: Arizona Republic reporter Dustin Gardiner plagiarized material I produced. I raised this concern and concerns of reporter bias last year-still no response. I even took the step of meeting with their executive team last month. Gardiner took work I produced from the Top 50/100 Phoenix Pensioners and then called it his own under a different title. Work production their editor, in a phone call acknowledged as mine prior to running their story. Will they actually investigate these ethic charges and continue to use my material or will they “Circle the Wagons." Additionally, here is one social media post we presented at the executive team meeting at the Republic showing bias. We presented other social media posts by this reporter as well. This one just shows his thinking and his clear bias. What reporter would post this and what organization that claims to be “objective” would allow this from an embedded reporter? Does this type of reporting by your reporter fall in line with your social media policy? Arizona Republic: It has now been 1 month since our meeting, when am I going to get a response? By the way I am not going to let this go and will continue point out this clear bias with your reporting until I receive a thought out response.


Sal DiCiccio

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