Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tim Schwartz, author of McCain censure, destroys both Chris Matthews and his liberal commentator on Hardball

Liberal MSNBC host Chris Matthews thought he was being clever by trying to bring up a red herring, whether or not Obama was legitimately elected, in order to discredit Tim, but Tim wisely dodged it and brought the conversation back to the censure. Matthews keeps repeating over and over again throughout the entire interview that McCain is 100% with the GOP on foreign policy, but he's full of it. McCain votes with interventionist Democrats in recent years. Matthews' liberal sidekick declares that McCain has a conservative record on prolife issues and Obamacare, but that's not true either. I resigned from the board of Arizona Right to Life after they continued endorsing him, because his record was so poor (voting for government funded embryonic stem cell research was the final straw). McCain goes back and forth on whether we should repeal Obamacare. Matthews claims that the vote to censure McCain was a fringe minority, which is a crock because the vote was 1,150 to 351 (77% approval) of all the county precinct committeemen across the entire state.

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