Thursday, March 8, 2012

So What’s Wrong with Socialism? (Part 2) Daniel Paul

In this three-part series, Western Free Press's Brad Zinn interviews three naturalized US citizens who lived under socialist/communist regimes and can describe first-hand what it’s like.

Americans who think socialism sounds like a good way to achieve  “social justice” would do well to listen to all three interviews.  And Americans who have come to take freedom for granted would benefit from these poignant reminders of how easily freedom can slip away under a socialistic/communistic regime.
In this second of three parts*, naturalized American Mr. Daniel Paul, originally from the Polish Ukraine, describes his life under two forms of socialism: first, the National Socialism of the Nazi party, and second, Soviet Communist socialism.
No one is more American than a citizen who himself or herself escaped from tyranny to live in freedom.

Topics covered by Brad and Daniel appear below in a time-line index.

00:00  Introduction to Daniel Paul

01:42  How Daniel’s German-descended family life changed at the start of WWII

02:07  How German socialists (Nazis) forced Daniel’s father to farm on land stolen from a Pole

02:55  A short life under the Bolshevist Communist strain of socialism

03:45  How first Hitler’s and then Stalin’s socialism were doomed from the start

04:13  Daniel’s parents, Siberia, and their return to their burned-out home

04:41  Daniel’s time in Austria and France as a POW

05:25  How many ran rather return home to live under the Bolsheviks

05:58  Daniel comes to America in 1954 and builds a business

06:37  Daniel becomes an America citizen in 1959

07:05  Daniel starts out as a Democrat but immediately rebels against the unions & Democrats

07:59  How Nazism and Soviet Socialism are virtually the same

08:25  What does Daniel think of American youth’s fascination with socialism?

09:32  Daniel’s own view of welfare and his faith in Republicans to reform the system

10:46  What Daniel would tell a young person today about socialism

11:40  Nazi-style and Russian-style socialism as a monopoly on everything

  A final message from Daniel to America’s youth
* Part 1 of this series is available at this link.

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