Saturday, March 3, 2012

So What’s Wrong with Socialism? (Part 1) Jose Borrajero

In this three-part series, Western Free Press's Brad Zinn interviews three naturalized US citizens who lived under socialist/communist regimes and can describe first-hand what it’s like.

by David Leeper
Americans who think socialism sounds like a good way to achieve “social justice” would do well to listen to all three interviews.  And Americans who have come to take freedom for granted would benefit from these poignant reminders of how easily freedom can slip away under a socialistic/communistic regime.
In this first of three parts, Mr. José Borrajero, Rapid Response Team Leader for the Arizona 2012 Project, describes life under Castro’s Cuba and his family’s escape to the United States. No one is more American than a naturalized American citizen who himself or herself escaped from tyranny to live in freedom.
Topics covered by Brad and José appear below in a time-line index.
00:00  When Jose came to America

01:16  Life in Cuba under Batista

02:20  How Castro seemed, at first, like a good leader

03:30  Castro’s promises

04:30  Castro’s delivery on his promises

05:30  Castro’s hidden socialism blossoms openly

06:50  Castro’s round-up, trial, and execution of alleged enemies

08:02  Neighborhood spies

08:20  Confiscation of arms and real property – a personal story

09:55  The Bay of Pigs and Jose’s father’s internment in a concentration camp

11:00  Che Guevera, Castro’s executioner

12:00  What Jose thinks when he sees young people with Che T-shirts

12:30  The Cuban community in Florida

12:55  Jose’s own view on the embargo of Cuba — lift it!

14:40  Kennedy’s promises to Castro after the Cuban Missile Crisis

16:05  Castro’s concentration camps — the use of baseball stadiums

16:40  Daily life under Castro’s socialism

18:00  Why socialism failed in Cuba just as it has everywhere else

18:20  Would the right people make socialism succeed?

19:15  Socialist/Communist education of the children and the illiterate

21:25  How Jose and his younger brother, alone, came to America

23:25  Cuba’s national health care system — high quality for govt elites only

24:35  What is wrong with socialism — why is capitalism better?

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