Monday, December 29, 2008

CAP's Top 8 of '08!

1- Marriage Amendment Passes. The people spoke! Arizonans amended our state constitution with 20 simple words: "Only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in this state." Arizonans from all ethnic, political, and religious backgrounds united to stand for marriage. Equally significant, 49 members of the Arizona House and Senate voted to let the people decide by placing the marriage amendment on the ballot in the most intense legislative battle in CAP's history.

2 - Pastors and Church Leaders Take the Lead. Church leaders from a broad, diverse group of religious persuasions spoke out strongly on behalf of the marriage amendment.

3 - Truth Project Spread Across Arizona. The year began with over 1,000 attending Truth Project training sponsored by Focus on the Family and CAP. By summer, Focus designated CAP the state Truth Project Trainer, enabling us to lead training sessions for churches and communities.

4 - "Choose Life" License Plates Win Court Battle. After a six year legal battle that reached the U.S. Supreme Court, pro-lifers won, and the "Choose Life" license plate will soon be available in our state.

5 - Commitment to Prayer Expanded. CAP organized a series of four prayer assemblies at the Capitol - highlighted by a November 2nd solemn assembly, jointly sponsored by several allied organizations, with over 1,000 participants in Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff. CAP weekly prayer bulletins reached hundreds weekly. CAP intercessors met at the Capitol and at CAP throughout the year to undergird our mission in prayer.

6 - CAP-Supported Legislation Signed into Law. Two CAP-supported bills were signed into law: Jesse's Law and Internet Age Misrepresentation. Jesse's Law helps protect patients from having food and fluid removed when they are unable to communicate their wishes. The Internet Age Misrepresentation law protects our youth from online predators.

7 - CAP-Supported Legislation Vetoed by Governor. Governor Napolitano etched her legacy as one of the most radical, pro-abortion governors our country has ever seen. Napolitano vetoed three more abortion-related bills (Partial-Birth Abortion Ban, Guidelines for Court Orders in Minor's Abortion, and Revised Partial-Birth Abortion Ban), continuing to prevent even the most broadly supported restrictions on abortion.

8 - Election Impact. For the primary and general elections, CAP distributed over 100,000 nonpartisan voter's guides and well over 100,000 related fliers. Our new and improved interactive voter's guide website ( had over 50,000 visitors! Informed voters increased the pro-life, pro-family majority in both the Arizona House and Senate.

Financial Update

Year-end also means we're praying, watching, and waiting to see whether or not CAP will be adequately funded as we head into 2009! To make a donation, call our office at (602) 424-2525 or donate online at

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