Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Best coffee shop joint in downtown Phoenix

The Daily Grind is by far the best coffee shop in downtown Phoenix. Located at the bottom of the Dodge-Phelps tower on Washington & Central, they're one of the only independent coffee shops left, although it doesn't feel too alternative because it's very stylish and mod inside. They have more coffee variations than any coffee shop I've ever been to - try asking for their banana bread lattes or banana/white chocolate mocha creation. The guy running the place has been in the coffee business for years and can make practically anything you ask for, the menu doesn't come close to listing everything. The prices look slightly less than Starbucks. I encourage everyone to stop by and support this independent coffee shop.

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Anonymous said...

I was walking down the street and the delicious aroma of freshly baked warm cinnamon rolls captured my senses and dragged me right to the source; their cinnamon rolls melt in oyur mouth, and can be easily sliced with a fork....5 stars!!!!!