Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Latest PAChyderm Coalition legislative rankings - how are they scored?

PAChyderm Coalition's latest weekly rankings of GOP legislators is in, and not surprisingly, Senator Ron Gould is at the top of the list of Senators, with a 90.8, and Rick Murphy leads the House, with a 95.5. The RINOs, also predictably, are Senators Allen and O'Halleran, and Representatives Hershberger and Burns. Republicans with almost as poor ratings are also called on the floor, labeled as plain "Republicans." This week, they include Senator Barbara Leff and Representatives McClure, Konopnicki and Paton. The rankings currently do not take into consideration bad bills by the GOP, nor do they take into account the fact that many legislators aren't able to sponsor bills simply because they live at the other end of the state and can't be at the Capitol as much. Budget bills aren't easy to rank. Legislators are reporting that the rankings are having an effect on how they're voting. Let's hope it encourages the RINOs to leave the legislature and go back to the habitats they came from.

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