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April Arizona Life Times

Dear Friend of Life,

Perseverance is the word to describe the attitude of pro-lifers last month. From the college campus, to the state courthouse, pro-life organizations were working harder than ever to educate, legislate, and cooperate to save lives.

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Abortion Exhibit Visits ASU
Students for Life Conference
Legislative Updates
Upcoming Volunteer Opportunites
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Abortion Exhibit Visits ASU
Justice For All Exhibit Justice for All, a national traveling photo exhibit visited ASU March 17th -18th with its exhibit depicting the gruesome reality of abortion to college students. The exhibit was brought to campus by ASU Students for Life in order to create a dialogue with students about an issue that affects thousands of women on campus. Rebeccah Wagner, a spokesperson for the exhibit, summarized the groups mission to, "train thousands, to make abortion unthinkable for millions, one person at a time." Arizona Right to Life Programs Manager Trent Horn was present at the exhibit finishing production for our upcoming documentary Abortion: Inside the Choice. The documentary will be released in Arizona churches and schools this summer and features interviews with local pro-lifers as well as footage and interviews covering both days of the Justice For All exhibit.

Students for Life Conference

AZ Students for Life Logo The 2nd Annual Western Regional Pro-Life Conference for Students for Life of America is April 19, at the Embassy Suites in Tempe (4400 S. Rural Rd.) The event will feature nationally renowned speakers and activists in a series of seminars, lectures, and workshops designed to equip pro-lifers to save lives and transform our culture; and is the only event of its kind in Arizona specifically designed to help high-school and college students to make a difference in the pro-life movement.

Featured Speakers include: Wendy Wright, president of Concerned Women for America; Jason Walsh, Director of Center for Bioethical Reform, SW; Dr. Angela Lanfranchi of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, Jason Baier, President of Fatherhood Forever Foundation; Becky Banks, Programs Director of Students for Life of America - and many more. Student admission is only $20, and all admissions include lunch and an informative conference guide book. Visit, or call 602-614-6037 for details and registration.

Legislative Updates

AZ FlagOur friends at the Center for Arizona Policy and Arizona Catholic Conference were extremely busy lobbying for three crucial pieces of pro-life legislation. These bills included:

HB 2769 Partial Birth Abortion Ban - passed both the Senate and the House and will now head towards the Governor's desk. The ban reinforces the 2003 Federal Partial Birth Abortion Ban and allows for state officials to prosecute abortionists who perform this gruesome procedure.

HB 2269 Abortion Provider Regulation - The House passed a bill recognizing that women who seek abortion services should be in the care of a doctor. The bill was passed in response to a Tucson nurse practicioner seeking permission from the Board of Nurses to continue performing invasive abortion procedures for Planned Parenthood. Representative Bob Stump (R), one of the bill's sponsors said, "A woman suffering from complications from an abortion will need the care of a doctor. And it is not right for her to receive a different standard of care."

HB 2263 Parental Consent - The house and senate passed a reform of the parental consent guidelines, which tighten the requirements a minor needs to seek an abortion through a judicial bypass, without their parents knowledge. The bill awaits the Governors signature or veto.


Call Governor Napolitano TODAY at (602) 542-4331 or at (800) 253-0883, or contact the governor by email. Politely ask her to sign the partial-birth abortion ban.

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunites
Children at Fair Booth
Two major AZRTL events are coming up in the next few weeks that require the aid of our faithful volunteers:
Tucson: Volunteers for the Pima County Fair are needed April 19th and 20th. Volunteers will operate the Arizona Right to Life booth and have the opportunity to dialogue with the public about life issues. For more information contact:

Phoenix: Volunteers are needed to host the AZRTL booth at the annual Cinco de Mayo festival in downtown Phoenix. The festival is from May 3rd - 5th and is a great opportunity to spread the pro-life message to the Hispanic community. Volunteers are also needed to host the AZRTL booth at the Diocese of Phoenix Spanish language pro-life conference the same weekend. For more information contact Trent Horn at
Thank you for taking the time to read Arizona Right to Life's monthly e-newsletter. If you would like to learn more about our mission or events please email us at or call our office at 602-285-0063.
If you would like to partner with us to devlop new projects and continue effective ones (pro-life videos and mobile exhibits, public outreach, legislation and politician tracking, and new chapters and liaisons) then please send a donation to:
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Once again, thank you for your time and your commitment to being a "Friend of Life."

Newsletter Editor: Trent Horn

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