Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Did Democrat spokeswoman Bittner tell another whopper on Horizon?

Barrett Marson=1 Emily Bittner=0

Last night on Horizon, Democrat attack dog Emily Bittner debated House press spokesman Barrett Marson. Freshly bruised from having been called out on some of her over the top statements last Monday night on Horizon (the Republic's Political Insider did a rather nice job on Sunday of disproving her false accusation that Speaker Weiers "makes car loans at 500 percent", below) , Bittner clearly wasn't concerned about being called out again. She defended the legislative lobbyist for the governor on his duplicitous tactics of asking a Democrat legislator to vote against a CPS reform bill that the governor publicly said she supported. Bittner maintained that the governor's lobbyist was only objecting to a portion of the bill, apparently an amendment.

However, if that was true, and the governor's lobbyist had successfully gotten another legislator or two to oppose the bill, the bill would have never passed, and CPS reform would have most likely never happened. The governor would have cleverly avoided having CPS reformed, something she secretly opposes because of her support from left wing groups like Children's Action Alliance which do not want real CPS reform.

Logically, Bittner's defense makes no sense. It's like the emperor's new clothes - we all know the governor doesn't want this bill to pass, but we all sit around pretending she does until the situation looks ridiculous, as it does now that the email has exposed the real situation. Democrats like Bittner are stuck doing clean-up, grasping a small technicality and pretending it's more powerful than the governor.

Marson was clearly surprised and almost gleeful thinking he'd caught Bittner in a whopper again, telling her "that's a lie!" Marson explained that the transcripts of the email exchange indicate that lobbyist Mike Haener was clearly referring to the actual bill, not an amendment. The rest of the show consisted of Bittner trying to defend why the governor opposed this small amendment, while Marson explained why the amendment was actually fairly insignificant.

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