Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Statement from County Attorney Thomas on employer sanctions ruling

"Our office is pleased that Federal Judge Neil Wake has ruled that Arizona’s county attorneys may go forward with enforcing the Legal Arizona Workers Act. Judge Wake specifically found persuasive the affidavits of Dr. George Borjas of Harvard University. The Borjas report, which turned out to be decisive, was commissioned by the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. Dr. Borjas, an economist, is a nationally recognized expert on the relationship between illegal immigration and wages in the United States. Conversely, Judge Wake said the plaintiff’s experts were not persuasive. Our office stands ready not only to enforce this much-needed law, but to defend it in court as opponents seek new ways to challenge it.”

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Anonymous said...

I want to commend Judge Wake for his stand against illegality in his state, in our country. I'm tired of hearing that the illegal immigration issue is anti-Mexican, or anti-any race. The issue is one of obeying the laws of this nation, and protecting legal American citizens. I hope the rest of America makes similar stands against unlawful workers and employers.