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AZ Right to Life Life Times: Primary voting guide

Dear Friend of Life,
February should prove to be an exciting month for the pro-life community. As the Christian season of Lent approaches, the 40 Days for Life and Project Jericho campaigns are using prayer as a powerful weapon to end abortion. Along with prayer and fasting, there have been several victories in the form of activism, outreach and pro-life legislation that we would like to share with you in this month's edition of the Arizona Life Times.

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Election Next Tuesday!
March for Life
St. Mary's High School Outreach
40 Days for Life/Project Jericho
License Plate Victory
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Election Next Tuesday! Voting Guide Available

In less than one week Arizonans will take part in what has been dubbed by some as "Super Duper Tuesday" or the 21 state-wide Republican and Democratic presidential primaries taking place on Tuesday, February 5th. It is crucial that a pro-life president is elected in November. Along with signing into law pro-life legislation, the next President will have the opporuntity to appoint federal and Supreme Court judges who will interpret the law, rather than arbitrarily finding law in imaginary "penumbras." This is especially pressing because the imminent retirement of two or three Supreme Court justices could change the balance of the Court and finally allow Roe v Wade to be overturned.

In that regard, Arizona Right to Life PAC has acknowledged that former governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee, has the strongest pro-life record of any candidate. However, we encourage you to consult our voting guide to compare each of the candidates seeking the presidency by their own individual pro-life credentials.

250,000 March on Washington, Hundreds Rally in Arizona

January kept all of us at the State Office very busy organizing various forms of pro-life outreach. For example, AZRTL directed two successful pro-life marches and rallies that energized those who attended and provided a faithful witness to those who saw the demonstrations. In Phoenix, hundreds gathered at Wesley Bolin Plaza on January 20th to march and listen to inspiring speakers who shared stories of courageously being pro-life in the face of tremendous adversity. Emcee Cathi Herrod, the President of the Center for Arizona Policy, exhorted the attendees to stand firm in their convicitons and to brace themselves for the coming pro-life challenges in Arizona (such as passing a future state ban on partial-birth abortion). In Tucson (pictured above), the local right-to-life chapter was invaluable in the efforts to gather hundreds of pro-lifers together for a march and rally at Rachel's Monument.

St. Mary's High School Outreach
During the week before the 35th commemoration of Roe v Wade we spent three full days with nearly 200 St. Mary's high school students teaching them about the pro-life movement's history, the case for defending the unborn, and practical ways they could help to defend life. After the talks some students chose to volunteer at the 2008 Phoenix March for Life so they could immediately join the pro-life cause. This high school outreach culminated on the commemoration of Roe v Wade where, during a school wide assembly, our Education Director, Melanie Pritchard, was the emcee for guests like Atomik 12, Silent No More, Edel Horvath, and Ike Ndolo Band. Arizona Right to Life also debuted a short, self-produced 15 minute documentary on the history of abortion, euthanasia, and stem cell research entitled "The Price of Choice: The Rise of The Culture of Death" that students praised as "informative" and "eye-opening."

If you would like a speaker or group listed above to speak at your child's school or your own church, please contact the Life Educational Corporation's Education Director, Melanie Pritchard, at

40 Days for Life/Project Jericho

40 Days for Life is a nationwide movement of activists who are committed to praying at abortion mills and performing outreach in their local communities. This ministry was one of the inspirations for our Project Jericho campaign. Project Jericho was originally conceived to fill the void that the Fall 40 Days for Life campaign left behind after it concluded in November. We did not anticipate 40 Days for Life's return but are excited to work with this campaign to further the goal of defending life. Arizona Right to Life is working in collaboration with both local 40 Days for Life Coordinators and Project Jericho Coordinators to organize state-wide prayer to end abortion in Arizona.

40 Days for Life Logo
We encourage those who wish to participate in either campaign to contact Arizona Right to Life to learn more about each program and how they can help or join. Those who wish to participate in either campaign can also use any resoruces from the Jericho packets to help them in their goals, which can be downloaded from our website.

Important Links

40 Days for Life Kick Off Rally begins this Saturday February 2nd!
Where: Townsend Park, 5th St. and Mcdowell Rd., across the street from First Way Women's Clinic
When: 1:00pm - 2:00pm

40 Days for Life and Project Jericho begin on February 6th!
Contact or 602-285-0063 if you would like to help.

AZRTL Outreach and Education

Our educational outreach was also in full swing during January when we hosted a successful seminar on January 10th highlighting the pro-life ethic involved with in-vitro fertilization and adoption. On January 18th we were the featured guest on the Biblical Worldview Hour with Keith Shull hosted on 1360 KPQX Radio (pictured above). Arizona Right to Life discussed how the pro-life viewpoint is not only compatible with a Christian worldview, but is also a necessary part of it.

Also, on January 23rd we were interviewed by 3TV to provide a counterpoint to Linda Lopez's introduction of a bill (HB 2387) that would legalize assisted suicide in our state. We correctly noted that, among other problems, the bill does not require family notification and told 3TV, "your aunt, grandmother, or grandfather could choose to end their own life and you wouldn't find out about it until it's too late."

According to a recent Tucson news article, this bill may never reach committee and therefore not receive a vote. However it could end up on the ballot in a general election. AZRTL will continue to follow this and other anti-life legislation and inform you when your vote is needed to combat laws that deny the dignity and value of the human person.

License Plate Victory

Choose Life Plate
Arizona Right to Life would like to congratulate the general counsels and legal teams of the Center for Arizona Policy and the Alliance Defense Fund for their victory in the Ninth circuit court in regards to the "Choose Life" license plates dispute. The Center for Arizona Policy writes:

"Since 2002, the [Arizona] Life Coalition has sought to participate in a program that allows nonprofit organizations to obtain a "special organization license plate," which includes the organization's name, logo, and slogan. Proceeds from plate sales go to support the organization's work in the community. In 2003, the Arizona License Plate Commission denied the Life Coalition's application. Life Coalition filed a federal lawsuit, and a federal judge upheld the Commission's decision in 2005. Today's decision from the Ninth Circuit reverses that decision.

The Ninth Circuit judges agreed unanimously with Arizona Life Coalition's claim that the Choose Life plate application had been denied due to discrimination against the pro-life viewpoint."

We will keep you updated on this story and inform you when the Choose Life license plates become available for sale in Arizona.

Thank you for taking the time to read Arizona Right to Life's monthly e-newsletter. As the New Year begins we would like to once again thank those who have already made generous year end donations as well as those who are a part of our monthly, quarterly, or yearly lifesaver program. If you would like to learn more about our lifesaver program please email us at or call our office at 602-285-0063.

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Newsletter Editor: Trent Horn

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