Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bills being heard Monday from Russell Pearce

Summary of Bills to be heard Monday February 18th 1:30 pm


HB2012 out of state driver licenses; identification purposes (Nichols, Pearce) - Support

This bill prohibits Arizona from accepting the Driver License of ANY state that does not require "proof of legal presence" in the U.S. In other words any state that issues licenses to illegal aliens, which could be terrorist or who knows. Accepting foreign documents is accepting unverifiable ID which makes that states ID no better than accepting a Matricular Card, which according to the FBI is one of the greatest threats to Homeland Security.

HB2412 criminal trespass; day laborers (Kavanagh,Harper) - Support

Goes after Day Laborers and allows law enforcement to enforce this law as a trespass violation if they are soliciting on property other than a sidewalk.


HB2791 Arizona temporary worker program; provisions (Konopnicki et al) - Oppose

This is a back door attempt to continue to hire foreign workers instead of U.S. workers. It will suppress wages and continue to allow foreign workers to take jobs from Americans. George Borjas from Harvard University reported that these folks currently cost American workers $1,4 billion annually in lower wages due to this current environment and this would continue this policy (except try to legitimize it).

HCM 2012 Arizona temporary worker program (Konopnicki et al) - Oppose

This is a POST Card to Washington asking permission to implement HB2791 as it would take federal legislation. There kind of immigration reform is to continue to import foreign workers and continue business as usual. This is a back door attempt to continue to hire foreign workers instead of U.S. workers. It will suppress wages and continue to allow foreign workers to take jobs from Americans. George Borjas from Harvard University reported that these folks currently cost American workers $1,4 billion annually in lower wages due to this current environment and this would continue this policy (except try to legitimize it).


SB1408 prohibited possessors; undocumented aliens (Verschoor) - Support

1. Removes, from the definition of prohibited possessor, references to federal law prohibiting illegal aliens from shipping or transporting any firearm or ammunition.

2. Expands the definition of prohibited possessor to include a person who is an undocumented or nonimmigrant alien, who is traveling with or without documentation in this state for business, pleasure or study while maintaining a foreign residence abroad.

3. Provides exceptions that allow the possession of a firearm by nonimmigrant aliens who:

a) possess valid hunting licenses or permits lawfully issued by another state.

b) are participating in a competitive target shooting event or displaying firearms at a sports or hunting trade show sponsored by a trade organization devoted to competitive or sporting use of firearms.

c) are certain diplomats, foreign government officials or distinguished foreign guests designated by the U.S. Department of State.

d) are foreign law enforcement officers of friendly foreign governments who enter the U.S. on official law enforcement business.

e) have received a waiver from the U.S. Attorney General.

SB1459 probation; drug offenses; illegal aliens: - Support

1. Requires, for an illegal alien convicted of a first or second time personal possession or use of a controlled substance or drug paraphernalia, the court to order as an initial term of probation that the person be imprisoned in county jail for ____ days.

2. Stipulates that the jail term of incarceration cannot be deleted, deferred or otherwise suspended and is to commence on the date of sentencing.

Name Title Phone Fax E-mail
Ray Barnes Member (602) 926-5503 (602) 417-3107
Nancy K. Barto Member (602) 926-5766 (602) 417-3011
Cloves C. Campbell, Jr. Member (602) 926-3042 (602) 417-3117
Doug Clark Vice-Chairman (602) 926-3018 (602) 417-3006
Steve M. Gallardo Member (602) 926-3392 (602) 417-3013
Warde V. Nichols Chairman (602) 926-5168 (602) 417-3021
Jonathan Paton Member (602) 926-3235 (602) 417-3030
Tom Prezelski Member (602) 926-3424 (602) 417-3129
Kyrsten Sinema Member (602) 926-5058 (602) 417-3015
Jerry Weiers Member (602) 417-3012 (602) 417-3012

Name Title Phone Fax E-mail
Kirk Adams Vice-Chairman (602) 926-5495 (602) 417-3019
Manuel V. Alvarez Member (602) 926-5895 (602) 417-3025
Eddie Farnsworth Member (602) 926-5735 (602) 417-3122
Bill Konopnicki Chairman (602) 926-5409 (602) 417-3105
John McComish Member (602) 926-5898 (602) 417-3020
Nancy McLain Member (602) 926-5051 (602) 417-3003
Robert Meza Member (602) 417-3114 (602) 417-3114
Ben R. Miranda Member (602) 926-4893 (602) 417-3116
Bob Stump Member (602) 926-5413 (602) 417-3109
Albert Tom Member (602) 926-5862 (602) 417-3102

Name Title Phone Fax E-mail
Ken Cheuvront Member (602) 926-5325 (602) 417-3249
Ron Gould Vice-Chairman (602) 926-4138 (602) 926-4138
Chuck Gray Chairman (602) 926-5288 (602) 417-3161
Albert Hale Member (602) 417-3260 (602) 417-3260
Karen Johnson Member (602) 926-3160 (602) 926-3429
Richard Miranda Member (602) 926-5911 (602) 417-3171
Jim Waring Member (602) 926-4916 (602) 417-3150

Forty-eighty Legislature - Second Regular Session

House Bills Sponsored by Rep. Pearce as Prime
House Bills Co-Sponsored by Rep. Pearce
HB2012 out-of-state driver licenses; identification purposes
HB2063 employer sanctions; federal citation; correction
HB2168 pupils; biometric scans; parental permission
HB2218 municipal zoning; technical correction
HB2220 state equalization property tax repeal.
HB2339 I didn't pay enough fund
HB2340 schools; American sign language; exemption
HB2392 NCLB opt out; cost study
HB2393 procurement services; outsourcing prohibited.
HB2443 constables; ethics; training.
HB2444 aggravated assault; constables.
HB2445 appeals; technical correction
HB2446 telephone records; technical correction
HB2600 state contract; performance management software
HB2623 constables; peace officers status
HB2624 illegal aliens; public benefits; reimbursement
HB2625 illegal aliens; commercial transactions
HB2626 weapons; peace officers; posse; reserves
HB2627 retired peace officers; background investigations
HB2628 carrying firearms; exceptions
HB2629 justification; defensive display of firearm
HB2630 concealed weapons; petty offense
HB2631 marriage license; proof of citizenship
HB2632 public supervisors; eligibility violations; penalties
HB2634 concealed weapons permit; felony convictions
HB2636 bond elections; prohibited contracts
HB2637 prohibiting municipal taxation of services
HB2638 municipal tax incentive penalty; application
HCR2021 nonliability for damages; criminal acts
HCR2024 aircraft; license tax; technical correction
HCR2025 militia; technical correction
HCR2038 state appropriation limit; reduction
HCR2039 illegal aliens; enforcement; trespassing
HCR2040 spending accountability and transparency act
HCR2041 discrimination; preferential treatment; prohibition
HCR2042 valid identification; consular cards; prohibition
HCR2043 educational institutions; proof of citizenship
HCR2044 voter-protection; temporary budgetary suspension
HCR2049 punitive damages awards; funds
HCR2050 bond elections; qualified electors; date
HCR2051 tax exemption; personal property
HCR2052 repeal business personal property tax

HB2045 handyman registration.
HB2064 e-learning task force
HB2272 ABOR; membership; tuition increases
HB2375 financial institution records; disclosure; notice
HB2459 university trust land management; exchanges
HB2573 off-highway vehicles; user fee
HB2603 photo enforcement; driving record; insurance
HB2604 consumer reports; security freeze
HB2635 insurance score; credit history
HB2639 CPS; investigations; confidentiality
HB2641 urban revenue sharing; tax credit.
HB2642 tax simplification; income tax repeal
HCR2019 legislators; school board members; ineligibility
HCR2020 legislature; designated seat
HCR2027 trust lands; universities; beneficiary exchanges
HCR2037 constitutional rights; game and fish
HCR2053 income tax repeal; tax simplification

Senate Bill Sponsored By Rep. Pearce as Prime Senate Bills Co-Sponsored by Rep. Pearce
SB1002 state equalization property tax repeal
SB1072 AHCCCS; proof of citizenship
SB1080 operating under the influence; watercraft
SB1099 partial-birth abortion; definition.
SB1102 parental consent; abortion..
SB1138 local development fees; schools; exclusion
SB1139 state treasurer; administration; management fund
SB1152 chiropractors; copayments
SB1213 AHCCCS; children; psychiatric medications; information
SB1214 concealed weapons; school grounds
SCM1003 illegal aliens; children; noncitizenship status
SCR1009 public agency lobbyists

SB1216 schools; biometric information; prohibition
SCM1002 constitutional amendment; U.S. senators; repeal

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