Monday, August 27, 2007

Leftists to protest Kyl & McCain's offices over Iraq

What the nutty left is up to -

Be part of National Take A Stand Day Aug. 28th!

Tell Arizona's "deciders" to put a stop to this endless war when Congress reconvenes in September.

7:00am - 8:00am: Present the Cost of War and Occupation to Senators Kyl and McCain
Gather at corner of 24th Street and Camelback, Phoenix.

8:00am: March to Senator Kyl's office at 2200 East Camelback Road and present his representative with a $6.3 billion dollar check representing what the Iraq war has cost Arizonans to date.

8:30am - 9:00am:March to Presidential Candidate Senator McCain's $4.66 million, 6500 square foot condominium at the luxury high rise "Residences" at 2211 East Camelback Road and deliver his representative a $6.3 billion check.
1:00pm: Vans leave from Park-Central Mall heading for 5:00pm rally at Wheeler Park in Flagstaff!

Even though he has announced that he is "retiring," Rick Renzi still represents the first congressional district and he will be a key "decider" on whether to end the occupation in Iraq when Congress reconvenes in September. Let's make sure he hears our plea that he Take a Stand against endless war. We will return to Phoenix by 10:00pm. (Another group will rally in Prescott's Court Square at 2:00pm, then head to the Flagstaff rally.)

Let's tell Rep. Renzi: No more lives lost. No more wasting of billions tax dollars in this endless, religious civil war. Congressman Renzi, who no longer has any committee assignments, has declined our invitation for the 27th time due to "his busy schedule!" So, we will address a cardboard cutout of him. And, we will bring him a check showing the district's share of the cost of the Iraq War.

We will leave from the Phoenix Park Central mall parking lot near Starbucks at 1:00pm on Tuesday, August 28th and return before 10:00pm.
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Sponsored by MoveOn, the Arizona Advocacy Network and the End the War Coalition.

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